Action Plan for Physical Education & Sports Funding Impact
Subject Leaders: Mrs Jordi 2021-2022

Objective:     To ensure all pupils leaving our school are physically literate, with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

Primary PE and sports premium key indicators of improvement

Key Indicator 1: the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – the Chief Medical Officer guidelines recommend that all pupils and young people aged 5 to 18 engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, of which 30 minutes should be in school

Key Indicator 2: the profile of PE and sport is raised across the school as a tool for whole-school improvement

Key Indicator 3: increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport

Key Indicator 4: broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

Key Indicator 5: increased participation in competitive sport

Purchase PE teaching and learning materials and equipment to ensure there is enough equipment for all pupils to use within lessons which will continue to increase and improve both fitness levels and skill development?

Sports Premium Money allocation for 2021-2022 £18020







Increased staff confidence and ability to teach the games element of the PE curriculum.

Staff training package built around identified P.E. CPD needs.  

PE subject lead and advisor to buy in specific PE team teaching specialist following identified CPD need. Lead 

to ensure those delivering this service are monitored/mentored for success against our school PE policy.

Each staff received team teaching CPD on games element of the curriculum. Staff took ownership of which areas they want their children to cover. This took place in the autumn term.

Enhanced planning by PE lead and increase subject knowledge of staff.

Improved pupil learning.  Increased subject knowledge in specific PE area creating sustainability of PE delivery for future pupils.
Career development of teaching staff whilst ensuring high quality delivery to pupils from PE Specialist bought in.

Awareness raised within the games element of the National Curriculum and children’s skills level improved.

Long term PE plan revised by staff.
Daily Mile and Jumpstart Johnny being used throughout the day.
Playground equipment on all playgrounds. This has been put into bubble boxes due to COVID 19
All staff aware of PE school offer we have agreed and that they must teach 2 sessions of PE a week.

• Curriculum grids.
• Curriculum Framework
• Monitoring from PE lead

• Assessment information.

• Long term plan.

• Pupil voice daily mile and Jumpstart Johnny experiences.

• Whole school PE timetable.


Increase staff confidence in the teaching of gymnastics.

To link and share ideas with other schools who value PE and Sport and are working on creative visions and outcomes for their pupil.

PE subject leader buy in gymnastics advisor to team teach a gymnastics unit with each year group in the autumn term.

PE lead attend regular update meetings and feed back relevant information to staff.

Enhanced gymnastics planning for a gymnastics unit for each year group. Lesson observations carried out on all staff linked to their performance management.

Outcomes for pupils enhanced through up-to-date information gained from meetings and networking and strategic vision the school is working towards.

• Gymnastic planning
• Lesson observation feedback sheet.

• Planning on staff share.


Continue with Hockey coaching provision

Trained coach from Shobnall teach Year 4 children

Children improved their skills. 4 teams were taken to Shobnall tournament.


Continue to develop P.E. curriculum framework to meet National Curriculum expected outcomes.

Provide detailed P.E. curriculum framework ensuring everyone delivering PE understands the framework and assessment criteria and uses it to ensure statutory requirements are met.

Examples put on staff shared site, and on J2E site.

Review and purchase equipment required for all PE subjects and ensure availability for use as indicated on the P.E curriculum framework & lesson plans.

Audit of PE equipment. Ensure easy access to equipment for staff, keeping storeroom well signposted and tidy.
Replace equipment if necessary or obtain if required for delivery of new PE subjects.

PE subject lead to ensure the correct equipment is readily available and of a safe standard for the provision of high-quality PE at all times.

Zoft touch netballs.
Playground balls.
Simple sturdy steps.
Storage boxes.
Chunky chalk sticks.
Plastic box.
Samba match goal.
Samba match goal.
Basketball and netball shot trainer.
Skill ball.
Hula Hoops.
Hoop bag.
Flexible marker cones.
Sureshot easi play junior.


Meet the government requirements of 1 hour exercise a day.(30 mins of which should be in school)

Whole school to take part in active brain breaks.

Jumpstart Johnny, dance scarves, daily mile etc.

Children take part in physical brain breaks at different parts of the day,

• Jumpstart Jonny login purchased for whole staff to use (2022/23)

Audit and then update gymnastic equipment.

Replace worn out existing gymnastic equipment with new.

Children will be able to continue to work safely and accurately on the equipment we provide.

Nesting agility table set 1.

Nesting agility table set 3.

Upholstered PE benches.

Padded plank blue.

Circular movement table,


Increase curriculum links in PE.

Purchase of cross curricular orienteering package, routes mapped out in school and all teaching staff given CPD on how to get the best out of the resource.  

Children across the school have been developing their orienteering skills.  This has increased their team building and resilience as well as developing their map reading and fitness.

Primary package 4 cross curricular orienteering


Enhancing image of PE supporting confidence and ability to teach PE as role models and engage pupils in positive images of school sport

Additional Staff hoodies purchased. All staff to wear these when teaching PE lessons and when carrying out any PE activities with the children. Must be worn for competitions and when children are in the local community representing the school.

To create a more positive attitude so that teachers feel more able to teach PE and be PE role models for their class. Create a sense of community and team spirit for pupils when engaging in competitive sport.


Increased swimming provision for KS2 children.

2 x half hour swimming sessions each week to be shared amongst KS2 and then 4 sessions for Y2

Children develop better water confidence, improve their swimming techniques and move closer to their 25m goals.

Top up money to allow more children to swim for a longer period.



Support and develop PE subject lead in strategic management and delivery of PE within school.

Level 5 PE subject leader course.

Subject lead CPD is identified and release time supported.

Extra hours programmed for management and assessment of our school’s strategic plan during each curriculum term.

Subject lead to produce a termly report for SLT.

Teachers feel more supported in the delivery of high-quality P.E. lessons whilst increasing P.E. leads own subject knowledge.

Subject Lead is actively leading the action planning improvements and monitoring the impact within school.

The strategic PE impact is shared with the rest of the staff and governors.

• Certificates
• CPD review documents.
• Staff questionnaires

• Action plan.
• Newsletters
• Displays
• Website information.
• Surveys,

 Competitions boards.
• Health & Wellbeing areas.

• SLT report


Raise profile of health and well-being across whole school environment.

Subject lead will supervise the delivery of specialist lunch club activities to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. In addition, each half term a teacher will deliver a well-being topic as part of our SIP.

Increase pupil participation and awareness of the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

• Well-being areas.
• Registers
• Photos
• Topic books

For PE lead activities at lunchtimes.

Government obesity strategy guidance 2016

Staffordshire school health profile

Provide additional afterschool/lunchtime clubs

Look at ways to help pupils improve their health in line with guidance from the government obesity strategy of pupils being active for at least 30mins within the school day e.g. daily activity and by making other lessons more physically active.
*Obesity strategy 2016 / 2018 (part 2)

*Daily mile.
*Wake and shake/ groovy groovers, dance scarves, jumpstart jonny.  At least 2 sporting after-school clubs will be available per week, per term. Actively support pupil premium pupils by providing free access to clubs

To maintain and increase the level of attendance at afterschool clubs and to vary the activities available following pupil/parent voice feedback.

Increased pupil and parent awareness of extra curriculum clubs and events for pupil participation promoting health & well-being as a lifestyle choice.

• Pupil assessment scores.
• Photos.
• Observations
• Newsletters.
• Website.

Increase provision to sports/ activities that children would not normally take part in.

To offer more diverse sports clubs.

Commonwealth games enrichment days.

Wild child club arranged with forest school leader

Children take part in boxing, cycling, triathlon, cricket and athletics.

Some staff trained on how to deliver a wild child club,
Y2 children experienced a range of forest school activities.

Children’s responses and feedback from staff.

Staff feedback, children’s views.




Improve opportunities for pupils to participate in competitive sporting activities both inter/intra-school by building relationships with our School Games Coordinator and also by linking with our transition middle school and other local/independent schools.

Enter at least 5 Inter- School games competitions throughout the curriculum year.

Extend invitation and plan for extra inter-school competitions in addition to planned school games offered by school games co-ordinator.

95% of all KS2 pupils to compete in at least 3 competitions throughout the curriculum year.

By linking with our transition middle school for competitions and events during year 4 our pupils form a stronger connection earlier, making transition easier when the time comes.

ESSP create and support a variety of competitions throughout the year for our children to take part in.

• School Games competition Plan.

• Event photos.

Transport, staff provision and curriculum event days.

ESSP subscription

Enhancing the image of PE supporting confidence/ability and engage pupils in positive images of school sport.

By providing a competition P.E. uniform it creates a positive environment for learning and a sense of community spirit.

Create a sense of community and team spirit for pupils when engaging in competitive sport.


Whole school engagement in PE promoting continuous healthy active lifestyles.

Sport Explorers used through EY’s to help develop the PE Curriculum

PE lead to plan with Reception teacher any CPD needs in relation to Early years PE support.

Reception to continue their own Sports Day and 2 x half day cross curriculum Sports events

Increase in staff confidence. Future needs identified and programmed in to whole school curriculum grid for better planning of PE specifically aimed at early years provision

By providing an environment of inclusion in whole school sporting events our reception children and staff share the importance of promoting health & well-being as first steps and supporting the school PE ethos.

• CPD review.
• Curriculum Grids.
• Staff


• Sports day plan.

RED = ALLOCATED SPEND = £17,146.03

Money carried forward to 2021-2022 = £5745.35

Next steps

2022-23: – One morning of PE intervention each week. Start focus on PP, SEN children including gifted and talented. Also, some time will be used for
preparation for competitions that the children take part in.
2 x sessions of swimming each week throughout the year. Main focus will be KS2 children but Year 2 will also receive some transition
Hockey coaching followed by tournament for Year 4 tournament.
Bike ability/ Scooter ability.


*Sports council will be elected and then jobs/roles will be shared out.

*A range of equipment that can be stored, used and adapted effectively to enhance, challenge and encourage pupils to be physically more active (for longer periods of time) during playtimes and lunchtimes.

Vision/ health / opportunities for pupils:

*Parents, staff and pupils who are aware of the importance of health and physical activity – who are working together and engaging in a wide range of physical activity both in and out of school regularly.

*Pupils’ making healthy choices (snacks/lunchtime) – create a clear snack policy / drinks policy.

*Pupils who are engaging in both planned and incidental physical activity as part of their non-PE curriculum areas – 30 mins at least (active learning).

*Pupils are participating in at least 2 hours of PE a week.

*A wider range of alternative clubs to encourage children to attend physical activities

*A swimming model which aids a smooth and purposeful transition between academic years

*To continue to liaise with other schools within the MAT/ local area so that pupils can participating in regular competitions (including self – competition) both in and out of school (C teams).