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School Development Plan 2022-23


Success Indicators

Leadership and Management

Leaders to have much greater presence around the school post Covid. SLT, Governors, subject leaders and subject teams to carryout self-review activities and report on and improve standards across the school.

Leaders at all levels to have greater knowledge and understanding of their specific areas of responsibility. Improved standards and data across the school. Achieving above national in all Nationally compared areas by July 23.  Staff to feel confident with increased monitoring.

SLT to ensure the most effective use of any pupil premium or catch up premium funding to support all teaching and learning aspects alongside children’s wellbeing. Close monitoring of any vulnerable groups. 2 pupil premium learning mentors employed.

Successful outcomes and impact demonstrated through all self-review aspects. Review of interventions, analysis and outcomes. Successful closing of any identified gaps in learning. Pupil premium learning mentor’s assessments show the successful closing of the gaps. Children report the impact of their interventions on their confidence and outcomes.

SENDCo role developed to full time release from the classroom and to include wider safeguarding and parent support role.

HT able to be more strategic across the school as released from lower level safeguarding aspects and family support. SENDCo has more time to complete and focus on all 3 roles.

Develop more creative areas across school to offer a more flexible curriculum and generate further intervention and withdrawal spaces.

Build 2 Summer houses – outdoor classroom and intervention space. Y4 middle room. SEND hub. Treetops additional Nursery room. Library/intervention room.

Safely open school up again to parents and families post Covid. Aspects such as parents evenings, workshops, meet the teacher, showcasing work, fetes, performances etc.

Parents feeling involved in school life and comfortable to come into school and celebrate their children’s successes. Developing a really positive word of mouth in the community.


Develop, share, delegate and work though the Governor action plan as written at the Governor away day Summer 22.

Governors to work through action plan and report back as to progress and impact in in key areas.

The chair of Governors to continue to chair the School Representation Board meetings for the Uttoxeter Learning Trust.

Chair voted in for another year. All stakeholders feeling represented and all required aspects discussed and understood.

Develop, share, delegate and support staff with the Governor ‘Wellbeing Charter‘ as written at the Governor away day Summer 22.

Staff to report positively on the acknowledgement and support from Governors to their wellbeing.

Take part in an external review of Governance as organised by the ULT.

Positive outcomes and successfully working through any recommended actions.

Paul to continue to chair the SRB ULT meetings on behalf of all ULT schools.

Chair voted in for another year. All stakeholders feeling represented and all required aspects discussed and understood.

To positively contribute to the success and development of the Uttoxeter Learning Trust.

To feedback all requested aspects in a timely manner and attend all ULT meetings as required. Successful performance management.


Update all staff with level 1 safeguarding slides on September INSET day and individual aspects throughout the year in staff meetings.

Staff to be confident in the school’s procedures and policies when keeping children safe. Staff to know who to report concerns to and what will happen with their concerns.

Ensure DSL and DDSL's are fully up to date and compliant with their level 2, 3 and 4 training.

AT to attend level 4 CPD September 22.  AJ to attend level 2 October 22 resulting in all 5 DSL/DDSLs being fully compliant for the academic year.

To ensure all aspects of MyConcern are being used effectively by all relevant staff.

SLT to receive daily updates and discuss as standing agenda item in SLT meetings. AT to use MyConcern to share new and updated policies. SH to generate report to Governors.

To complete all aspects of the recent external fire audit.

Action plan from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service all in place.

To complete all aspects of the statutory 175/157 annual safeguarding audit from July 22.

Action plan all in place and shared with staff.


Each curriculum leader to update their curriculum intent document for 22 23.

All documents on the website and useful for detail for all stakeholders.

Each curriculum leader to work in new subject development teams and support, monitor and develop subjects across the whole school.

Subject leaders to have full knowledge of their subjects in practice post Covid. Staff across the school to feel fully supported by subject leaders.

Year groups to develop new parent information sheets to support learning at home.

Parents to have knowledge of learning each half term to provide additional support and discussions at home. Available on the website for all stakeholders.

Ensure staff are confident in the delivery of all lessons including not setting for English and Maths and fully realise the advantages of this new system.

Successful outcomes and impact demonstrated through all self-review aspects. Subject leaders and teams to monitor specific aspects and feedback to SLT. Maintained/improved data outcomes.

Subject training – core subject leaders to attend ULT termly training with ULT colleagues.

Foundations subject leaders to attend new ULT 3 tier meetings with standing agenda items given by headteachers.

Core – leaders to guide subject teams and share updates in subject sharing staff meetings.

Foundation – develop new threshold concepts used and understood by all schools.

Continuation of moderation CPD for all teachers by Jan Fisher (LA advisor.)

Teachers to attend all 4 sessions and develop cross year group, key stage, school and inter school confidence in moderation.

Ensure the effectiveness of the feedback policy through self-review activities.

Ensure all stakeholders are aware of the procedures and why and how they are effective.

Develop, distribute and ensure understanding of a new whole school homework policy.

All stakeholders understand homework expectations for each year group and support school in additional learning.

Improve the writing data across the whole school. Languages subject team to develop initiatives and consistency to address dips.

Data in key year groups to be above National.

Provide effective additional interventions for individuals and small groups across the school to address misconceptions in learning and close data gaps for disadvantaged children.

Disadvantaged data to close and above National data for all Nationally compared data captures.

Develop the effective role of the new pupil learning mentors. Develop the evidencing of the impact of interventions.

Individuals and small groups to evidence the closing of gaps in data. Clear progress demonstrated through evidence sheets across the school.


Phonics: to introduce a new whole school systematic synthetic phonics teaching package and daily phonics sessions in Reception and KS 1.

Reading data and phonics screening check results to rise above national average again in 2023.

Writing: to raise standards in all year groups and improve data for writing. Subject team to plan for, roll out and measure the impact of writing support.

Writing data to become equal to or above national average for 2023 in all year groups.

Moderation: to equip staff with the understanding and knowledge required to level writing.

Increase in the % of pupils reaching expected and higher standards in Reading.

Subject team: to continue to lead on self-review aspects and analysis of English as a subject across the school.

Subject team to meet half termly to grow in knowledge and confidence to implement the SDP for English across the school.


Set ambitious targets using FFT20 and previous years data for each pupil.

Use performance management to set Maths targets for each year group.

All staff to be aware of targets.

Early discussion of pupils who are off track.

Build evidence of Maths attainment and progress by checking and analysing internal and SATs data. Use data to target those needing interventions.

Half Termly progress meeting to discuss student progress.

Early identification of those not on track.

Plan for interventions

Monitor progress and impact of interventions.

In class and out of class interventions for targeted students who are not making expected progress.

JC/AH Intervention with PP and SEND.

TA’s to deliver twice weekly Interventions.

Monitor learning outcomes in lessons to ensure a balance of arithmetic, fluency, reasoning and problem-solving.

Regular book scrutinies with GC and team in line with self-review plan.
Half Termly learning walks to examine consistency in curriculum and balance.

Develop new subject team, agree key priorities and delegate the monitoring and feedback on impact across the school.

Within subject team staff are able to discuss issues practice, scheme, assessment and resources to give Maths lead an overview of maths within the school.

Revision materials for the timetables check made available to all pupils.

Achieve above County and National levels at MTC (Maths Timetable Check)

Tracking of assessment data and regular progress discussion.

Continue to use new Puma for ongoing termly assessment, with an eye on how data rich new WRM assessments become (Dec 2022).

Regular feedback in SLT meetings from KS meetings/subject teams to discuss students and strategies.

Well planned Maths curriculum delivered.

*NEW White Rose scheme followed which has some recovery and follows new improved National Curriculum planning.

Purchase and use new WRM workbooks which follows new improved scheme.

In-class (guided groups) and out of class interventions organised for those most affected by lost learning.

PP and catch-up premium funding used to deliver catch up initially to Y2 and Y4 students.

New Feedback Policy to give more timely feedback and next lesson interventions.

Lessons re-planned to address misconceptions in the next lesson.

Pupil voice carried out to assess the impact on the learner.

Ensure a culture of mastery within the curriculum for all year groups by all teachers.

Embed ‘Mastering Number Project’ for all EYFS and KS1 teaching staff. Ensure 15-minute daily programme is being followed.

Develop consistent use of Mastery in all year groups.

Develop a balance between WRM workbooks and recording problem solving and written methods in exercise books.

Online CPD from White Rose and NCTEM utilised through the year.

Carry out knowledge/ skills audit.

Book CPD for teachers and TAs according to need.

Early Years

To fully embed the new DfE approved phonics scheme and associated decodable reading books.

Achieve 85% in reading and writing in the EYFS.                                                

To adapt teaching and learning strategies to react to the increased nursery numbers and mange split teaching rooms.

Numbers to remain high and no negative impact from dual location observed.

EYFS leader to train in and become a DfE Covid Recovery Programme mentor. To support schools with Covid recovery.

Schools to report positively on impact of support. This is grant funded which will be used to pay for additional cooking sessions and Forest School equipment.

To encourage parents back into school post Covid and run a range of Early Years Workshops.

Autumn Term - Forest School                   Spring Term - The power of books without words                            

Summer Term - Messy Big Maths      

Light Up Uttoxeter - Lets Go For A Walk                                          Parents Workshops - Phonics, Maths and 1 end of topic celebration.


Continue to increase income via whole school lettings  i.e. field, Treetops community building and school building.

Effective marketing through use of all social media platforms, local media and word of mouth to enhance current arrangements and target new hirers.

Continuation of outsourcing the Bursar to RCFS post conversion.

Support with financial and HR management of RCFS in the Autumn term until the appointment of a full time CFO in the Spring term 23.

Effective use of 22/23 sports premium and c/f amounts from 2021/22 budget.          

Action plan to be created by the Sports Lead for effective use of government funding. Monitor and review regularly.

Effective use of 22/23 pupil premium.

Action plan to be created for effective use of pupil premium funds i.e. pupil interventions, pupil premium lead, resources, music tuition, uniform, school trips.

Budget for refurbishment of Key Stage Two temporary classrooms

Budgeted for potential costs. Look at resubmission of the CIF bid for the next academic year subject to approval from the CEO and Trustees.

Enhance 30 hour provision in nursery, plus additional charged hours for extra time.

High intake numbers predicted September 2022. Increase in staffing to cover the adult to pupil ratio. Monitor and review the use of rotational split site between nursery and Treetops with Nursery & Early Years Lead & SMT.

Cost of SEND provision due to increase of AEN pupils.

Continually monitor the funding and staffing support with the SENDCo. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Create a Wellbeing Team Stress Risk Assessment.

Wellbeing Champions to create a wellbeing team stress risk assessment following the evaluation of results of the ULT staff wellbeing survey.

Wellbeing Champions to create a whole school wellbeing calendar for both pupils and staff.

Create an annual calendar of activities for the promotion of mental health and wellbeing plus arrange fundraising days.


Annual review of all GDPR policies and procedures in school.

Complete an internal GDPR audit review. Complete the new GDPR training from IGU in the Autumn term.


To upgrade and refurbish the SEND HUB to ensure areas are tailored to each area of SEND need and that it is used effectively.

To have a completed redesigned HUB that offers: a sensory area, speech and language corner, fine and gross motor support and an intervention area to support cognition and learning.

Reflection and Review of SEND provision in Picknalls using the Nutshell school partnership strategy.

To be working collaboratively with other schools and identifying areas to change/ improve in SEND in relation to national data and performance.

To implement the Social Worker student programme into Picknalls to support our vulnerable pupils.

For two student support workers to attend full time (5 days) and to provide care and support in the HUB and with vulnerable families. To also advise on safeguarding/ child protection cases

The development of 'Parent Partnerships' at Picknalls whilst raising the profile and sharing good practice. 

For all parents of SEND pupils to attend two coffee mornings and workshops where they will get crucial support and advice. For questionnaires and feedback to be obtained to develop and improve practise.