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Caring about children’s well being
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Nurture tolerance and mutual respect
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Look to the future with a sense of hope
Supporting children to be the best they can be!

School Development Plan 2021-22


Success Indicators

Leadership and Management

Covid-19 - Review the effectiveness of any new Covid-19 procedures and ensure the impact and effectiveness with the delivery of education.

SLT to be aware of any new DfE guidance and disseminate it successfully to key stake holders. Successful outcomes and impact demonstrated through all self-review aspects.

Accountability - SLT to develop an annual self-review schedule to hold all staff to account and ensure effective practice and impact across the whole school.

Successful outcomes and impact demonstrated through all self-review aspects. Aspects to include: lesson observations, pupil progress meetings, learning walks, pupil learning conversations, book scrutinies, assessment weeks, performance management reviews, attendance monitoring and report writing.

SLT to ensure the most effective use of any pupil premium or catch up premium funding to support all teaching and learning aspects alongside children’s wellbeing.

Successful outcomes and impact demonstrated through all self-review aspects. Review of interventions, analysis and outcomes. Successful closing of any identified gaps in learning.


To positively contribute to the success and development of the Uttoxeter Learning Trust.

To feedback all requested aspects in a timely manner and attend all ULT meetings as required. Successful performance management.

The chair of Governors to continue to chair the School Representation Board meetings for the Uttoxeter Learning Trust.

Chair voted in for another year. All stakeholders feeling represented and all required aspects discussed and understood.

To develop further links/visits with the CEO and link Trustee (Covid restrictions allowing.)

CEO and link Trustee knowledgeable and confident in all key aspects of Picknalls First School. CEO and link Trustee to attend a Governor meeting.

To run a Governor Away day (Covid restrictions allowing) and focus on the strategic role of the Governors.

To ensure all those new to Governance are confident in their role and knowledgeable about the key aspects of the school. Governor questionnaires and feedback.


Update all staff with level 1 safeguarding slides on September INSET day and individual aspects throughout the year in staff meetings.

Staff to be confident in the school’s procedures and policies when keeping children safe. Staff to know who to report concerns to and what will happen with their concerns.

Ensure DSL and DDSL's are fully up to date and compliant with their level 2, 3 and 4 training.

AT to attend level 4 CPD Summer 22.   GC to attend level 4 CPD Autumn 21.    AJ not due till Nov 22, PP Feb 23 and SH Jan 23.

SLT to review and update all aspects of the Covid-19 risk assessments and staff operational procedures and ensure the school community are confident in the new procedures.

SLT, staff, children and parents up to date with the latest DfE guidance and confident in current expectations.

To undertake a safeguarding review with Roz Randall alongside all ULT schools.

Complete a safeguarding audit using the NSPCC audit tool. Complete the review with RR. Draw up an action plan to address any areas for improvement. Successfully complete all aspects of the action plan.

Introduce 'My Concern' as a new electronic package across the ULT to record and report safeguarding concerns.

Successful training for all staff and all staff confident in the recording and reporting aspects of the new package.


Continuation of a full, broad and balanced curriculum despite any restrictions implemented through Covid-19.

Successful outcomes and impact demonstrated through all self-review aspects. Subject leaders and teams to monitor specific aspects and feedback to SLT.

Implement, review and adapt the new feedback policy.

Staff, children and parents to fully understand the new feedback policy. Successful outcomes and impact demonstrated through all self-review aspects.

Fully implement the whole school Relationship and Health Education curriculum.

Complete training for staff, complete long term RHE plan, complete half termly planning. Successful outcomes and impact demonstrated through all self-review aspects.

Ensure staff are confident in the delivery of all lessons including not setting for English and Maths and fully realise the advantages of this new system.

Successful outcomes and impact demonstrated through all self-review aspects. Subject leaders and teams to monitor specific aspects and feedback to SLT. Maintained/improved data outcomes.

To ensure the efficient use of the sports premium funding with a key focus on working alongside Progressive Sports and team teaching relevant aspects requested from each staff members.

Positive feedback from staff about the CPD/team teaching elements. Successful lesson observations by the PE leader. Improved teaching of each individual requested element as reported by children.

To provide gymnastics whole school, year group and individual CPD.

Positive feedback from staff about the CPD/team teaching elements. Successful lesson observations by the external company and the PE leader. Improved teaching of gymnastics as reported by children.

To provide additional interventions using pupil premium funds and any additional catch up premium funds we may receive to close gaps/raise attainment for children of all abilities.

The successful closing of any gaps due to Covid or other reasons, or to allow children to fully achieve and exceed expectations. Attainment to improve for Maths and English across the school.


Marking: implement the new marking/no marking policy.

Staff will use the new system in all English books/ written work.

Speaking and Listening Skills: provide CPD opps for staff to develop/share a range of strategies to improve children's skills

Decrease the number of children struggling with S&L across the school.

Reading: Increase reading opportunities across the curriculum.

Books/reading diaries to go home weekly. Children will be heard read in school a minimum of once per week. Assessment at the end of each term with PIRA and colour coded reading book.

Increase in the % of pupils reaching expected and higher standards in Reading.

Writing: Continue with Big Write sessions every 2 weeks linked to topic or text. One assessed piece at the end of each term to be written in English book and marked to correspond with Writing Target sheet…highlight if evidenced.

Increase in the % of pupils reaching expected and higher standards in Writing.

JDS to work with English leads across the ULT.

Spelling and Grammar: Continue to give weekly spellings that are linked to a spelling and grammar lesson where the spelling rule or phonics pattern has been taught. Give opportunities to practise the spellings throughout the week. Test weekly.

Increase in the % of pupils reaching expected and higher standards in Reading and Writing.

English targets for each year group to be displayed and referred to in each class.

Staff and children to be knowledgeable about their targets. Increase in %’s for reading and writing across the school.

Speaking and listening: Whole School Focus. Reintroduce specific speaking and listening opportunities, e.g. show and tell, story time etc.

Staff and children to be knowledgeable about their targets. Increase in %’s for reading and writing across the school.


Set ambitious targets using FFT20 and previous years data for each pupil.

Use performance management to set Maths targets for each year group.

All staff to be aware of targets.

Early discussion of pupils who are off track.

Build evidence of Maths attainment and progress by checking and analysing internal and SATs data. Use data to target those needing interventions.

Half Termly progress meeting to discuss student progress.

Early identification of those not on track.

Plan for interventions

Monitor progress and impact of interventions.

In class and out of class interventions for targeted students who are not making expected progress.

NJ Intervention with PP and SEND.

TA’s to deliver twice weekly Interventions.

Monitor learning outcomes in lessons to ensure a balance of arithmetic, fluency, reasoning and problem-solving.

Fortnightly Book Looks with GC in Line Management Meeting.

Half Termly learning walks to examine consistency in curriculum and balance.

Revision materials (Timetables) made available to all pupils.

Achieve above County and National levels at MTC (Maths Timetable Check)

Identification of pupils most affected by the COVID lockdowns using data analysis.

Early identification from WRM/New Puma Maths Assessment Data of those students worst affected in terms of progress

Tracking of assessment data and regular progress discussion.

Regular half termly progress meeting with staff to discuss students and strategies

Well planned Recovery Curriculum delivered.

White Rose scheme followed which has recovery and RTP planned throughout.

Continue to use WRM workbooks which has catch up elements within.

In-class (guided groups) and out of class interventions organised for those most affected by COVID lost learning.

In-class (guided groups) and out of class interventions organised for those most affected by COVID lost learning.

New Feedback Policy to give more timely feedback and next lesson interventions.

Work examined DAILY.

Lessons re-planned to address misconceptions in the next lesson.

Pupil voice carried out to assess the impact on the learner.

Ensure a culture of mastery within the curriculum for all year groups by all teachers

Maths teacher and maths teaching assistant CPD for subject knowledge and maths mastery.

Continue link to Maths Hub on Embedding mastery programme.

Manipulative use demo CPD from Maths Hub.

Increased use of manipulatives across all year groups.

CPD delivered over the academic year ‘Mastering Number Project’ for all EYFS and KS1 teaching staff.

Develop consistent use of Mastery in all year groups.

Develop a balance between WRM workbooks and recording problem solving and written methods in exercise books.

Online CPD from White Rose and NCTEM utilised through the year.

Carry out knowledge/ skills audit.

Book CPD for teachers and TAs according to need.

Early Years

To embed the new EYFS statutory framework supported by Birth to 5 Matters non-statutory guidance.

Aspire to achieve 82% GLD across reception. Aspire to achieve 90% in the prime areas of PSED, CL, and PD.                                                  

To embed Maths Mastery within EYFS in line with whole school policy and in support of new statutory framework and area for focus from quality mark award.

Aspire to achieve 82% in Maths by end of year.

To close the vocabulary gap in the early years by promoting the use of vocabulary in a language rich environment.

Aspire to achieve 90% in CL and 82% in Reading and Writing by the end of the year.

To continue to develop the reputation of 'Picknalls Nursery' to ensure numbers remain consistent.

Nursery will open each year with 26+ children.


Continue to monitor additional cleaning costs as per Health & Safety guidance i.e. additional cleaner, cleaning materials.

Budgeted currently for the next academic year based on historical spends and assumptions of costs for next year.

Continue catch up interventions for all pupils who need additional support following Covid absence.

Assess pupils' needs and build the 2021/22 budget based around curriculum needs.

Generate income streams e.g. lettings following Covid recovery. 

Effective marketing to rebuild external lettings income. Encourage expansion of current hirers requirements.

Continuation of outsourcing the Bursar to RCFS for financial/HR/academy conversion support.

Support for RCFS during a period of transition. Additional income generated for the school.

Effective use of 21/22 sports premium and c/f amounts from 2020/21 budget.          

Action plan created by PE Lead for 2021/22 academic year based on keeping active, mental health and wellbeing of pupils, resources and teaching practice.

Effective use of 21/22 pupil premium and c/f amounts from 2020/21 budget.

Action plan to be created for effective use of pupil premium funds i.e. pupil interventions, resources, music tuition, uniform.

Budget for refurbishment of Key Stage Two temporary classrooms

Budgeted for potential costs. Invite tenders for works but also consider alternative options to fund this. Seek advice from Entrust Development Officer through SLA.

School contribution towards heating CIF Bid.

Budgeted for 10% contribution towards heating works as per the CIF Bid specification.

Continue 30 hour provision in nursery, plus additional charged hours for extra time.

High intake numbers predicted September 2021.  Monitor and review monthly with Nursery & Early Years Lead.

Cost of SEND provision due to increase of AEN pupils.

SENDCo to apply for AEN funding and EHCP's if required.  Review the needs of all AEN pupils and budget accordingly for 1-2-1 support.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing Award.

Staff wellbeing champions to work through the award criteria and complete workbook. Upload workbook and final evidence by November 2021. Wellbeing Champion Lead to work with pupils on promoting mental health and wellbeing in school.

Staff wellbeing champions to consider all aspects of staff work life balance, support and opportunities, especially in light of the additional pressures of Covid-19.

Staff wellbeing questionnaires. Minutes of staff wellbeing meetings. Develop successful links with Governors to support staff wellbeing. Successful in achieving the quality mark above.

Consider how pupil well-being champions can support the school in promoting positive wellbeing for pupils, staff and the whole community.

The school community understanding what positive mental health and wellbeing is and successfully raising awareness to all stakeholders.


Review all GDPR policies and procedures in school.

Complete an internal GDPR audit review. Complete the new GDPR training from IGU in the Autumn term.

Create new staff badges with barcode for secure sign in.

Redesign staff badges, with photo and barcode displayed.


To develop the SEND Hub for pupils across Picknalls to use, including providing a lunchtime Nurture club.

For the lunchtime club to be managed daily with a maximum capacity of 12 pupils for each session.

Picknalls to play a significant advisory role in the development of the new Uttoxeter HUB. SENCO to advise on the ISPB.

Following attendance at half termly meetings SENDCo will disseminate crucial information to all staff in relevant staff meetings.

Speech and language development across whole school.

Regular interventions that show a measurable impact across school. All TA's to be trained in an aspect of S&L, whole school training to be delivered by SENDCo.