Meet Frank and Friends!

Please welcome our newest additions to Picknalls; Frank, Pancake, Chocolate, Smudge, Egbert, Phoenix, Ralph, Patch and Buzz! Don’t they look coot!

Ducklings Day 2


Our first ducklings are hatching! How egg-citing!!!

Clay in Class 3

Class three had fun yesterday modelling with clay. The children have created woodland creatures. When the clay dries out we will paint the creatures and glaze them.

Class 3 Red Nose Day

Class three are having a crafty Red Nose Day. We had fun sharing our jokes and making each other laugh.

Class 3 Planting Bulbs

Class three are planting bulbs. We have tulips, crocus and anemone.

Our science is all about growing things from seeds and bulbs.

We have also planted cress seeds which we are watering in class. They have begun to sprout so we can soon take them home. Egg and cress sandwich mmm.

Class 3 Visit Uttoxeter Library

We loved our trip to the library. Colin the librarian read us two chapters from a super new book, the magnificent ice cream shop.

Class 3 – Music

In Miss Tinto’s class we are learning a new song about the Great Fire of London. We are playing percussion instruments too.

Class 3 at the Sports Festival

Class 3 had a very enjoyable morning at Uttoxeter Leisure Centre taking part in all the multi-skills activities on offer.

Class 3 – STEM Day 1

In class three we were challenged to build a bridge and see how strong it was. We counted how any books each bridge could support.

We found that triangles and cylinders were effective building shapes.

Class three went to the woodland to be shape hunters. It was great fun having maths outside!

In class three we were challenged to make a variety of 2D shapes with certain numbers of lolly sticks.

Class three had a super time with sublime science. Science is such fun!

Class 3 meet the Reindeer! – December 2022
Class 3 D&T – November 2022
Miss Tinto and Mrs Lewis’ Art Club – Week 3

This week Year 3 learned about Mondrian. They created work in his style using primary colours.

Miss Tinto and Mrs Lewis’ Art Club – Week 2

This week year three collaged in the style of Matisse.

Mr Bruce’s Virtual Marathon

Congratulations to Mr Bruce for completing his virtual marathon at the weekend, 26.2 miles in 10.5 hours! He was raising money for Macmillan, a charity which is close to the heart of many people at Picknalls. At the time of publishing the exact total raised was unknown but thought to be around £250. Well done Mr Bruce, we can’t wait to see your medal!

Year 3 Art Club with Miss Tinto and Mrs Lewis

In Art Club year three had fun creating water lilies in the style of Monet.
We used the wax resit technique.